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Bar Mitzvah Traditions

Sure, Bar Mitzvahs are steeped in tradition. But while your son is busy practicing their Haftara, do you really remember what this rite of passage is all about? From Shabbat service to Seudat Mitzvah, here's your own refresher course.

Bar Mitzvah

This rite of passage usually occurs when a Jewish boy reaches the age of 13. The words Bar Mitzvah translate to "son of the commandment," and refer to a time when a child reaches the level of maturity where he or she can be responsible for oneself and one's actions according to Jewish law.

Shabbat Service

Depending on the type of Jewish faith practiced -- Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, or Hasidic -- a boy may celebrate his Bar Mitzvah by performing traditional rituals during Shabbat (Hebrew for "Sabbath") service. This type of service is usually scheduled for the first Saturday after the boy's 13th birthday.

First Aliyah

The first aliyah (meaning "going up" in Hebrew) refers to the first time a Jewish boy performs ritual observances during services. These observances can include: reciting a traditional Jewish blessing; reading from the Torah (the first five books of the Bible); reciting the Haftarah (a reading from The Prophets, which also includes a traditional chant); presenting a Drash (a short speech, which usually starts "Today I am a man"); and leading part of the prayer services.

The Tallit and Yarmulke

Traditional Bar Mitzvah attire for a Jewish boy includes a yarmulke (a small cap), which is traditionally worn by all males in attendance, and a tallit (a traditional Jewish prayer shawl) that can be worn over a suit.

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Gifts for a Jewish boy are usually given at the reception and may come in monetary form in multiples of 18 (a Hebrew number considered to be very lucky in Jewish tradition).

Seudat Mitzvah

The Seudat Mitzvah is a "mitzvah meal" that may take place in the hall of a synagogue, or at another venue. Depending on budget, a Seudat Mitzvah may be similar to a wedding reception, complete with a DJ, florist, photographer, and a 100-plus guest list. No matter what form the celebration takes, the meal served is usually kosher.


After guests have settled into their seats for the celebration, a rabbi will give a Motzi (a traditional Jewish blessing) over the hallah (a braided loaf of egg bread) before the meal is served.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

At the reception, the celebrant usually honors family members and friends by lighting up to 14 candles (13 plus one for good luck) for each honoree, beginning with the grandparents. Before lighting each candle, the celebrant may also make a small speech describing how each person affected his life thus far.

The Hora

This celebratory circle dance, also popular at weddings, hoists the Jewish boy celebrating his Bar Mitzvah onto a chair high above the guests. After the celebrant is given his due, siblings and parents may also be hoisted up in chairs.

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    The Loft At Congress - Boca Raton, Florida
  51. Matthew Bray Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 2-12-11
    Benvenuto's Catering, Delray Beach, Florida
  52. Jake Leon Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 2-5-11
    Aventura Jewish Center - Aventura, Florida
  53. Sydney Koffman Florida Bat Mitzvah Entertainment 1-29-11
    Michaels On East - Sarasota, Florida
  54. Jordan Auerbach Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 1-29-11
    Ellies 50's Diner - Delray Beach, Florida
  55. Zachary Grossman Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 11-20-10
    Temple B'nai Torah - Boca Raton, Florida
  56. Ariel Desler Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 11-13-10
    Aventura Jewish Center - Aventura, Florida
  57. Jake Markman Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 11-6-10
    Palma Ceia Country Club - Tampa, Florida
  58. Jake Hopen Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 10-16-10
    Club M&MPLEX - Hallandale Beach, Florida
  59. Stephen Yaffe FLorida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 10-9-10
    Yaffe Mansion - Tampa, Florida
  60. Hunter Yagoda Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 10-9-10
    Ocala Hilton - Ocala, Florida
  61. Dana Musso 13th Birthday Party Entertainment 10-8-10
    Ragtops, Club La Salle - West Palm Beach, Florida
  62. Ilana Goldstein Florida Bat Mitzvah Entertainment 9-25-10
    Grey Oaks Country Club - Naples, Florida
  63. John Ostuw Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 7-24-10
    Shores Resort - Daytona Beach, Florida
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    Quail Ridge Country Club - Boynton Beach, Florida
  65. Owen Brahms Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 5-21-10
    Temple Bet Breira - Miami, Florida
  66. Michael Adler Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 5-15-10
    Fête Catering & Ballroom - Lakewood Ranch, Florida
  67. Marla Manes Florida Bat Mitzva Entertainment h 5-8-10
    Temple Dor Dorim - Weston, Florida
  68. Danielle Klein Florida Bat Mitzvah Entertainment 5-2-10
    The Venue - Saint Petersburg, Florida
  69. Starr Mandell Florida Bat Mitzvah Entertainment 4-24-10
    Hyatt Regency Hotel - Sarasota, Florida
  70. Ian & Alicia Lowenstein Florida B'nai Mitzvah Entertainment 4-17-10
    Indian Spring Country Club - Boynton Beach, Florida
  71. Jami Rubin Florida Bat Mitzvah Entertainment 3-20-10
    Temple Kol Tikvah - Parkland, Florida
  72. Jonathan Kimmel Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 3-13-10
    Jacaranda Country Club - Plantation, Florida
  73. Sarah Karp Florida Bat Mitzvah Entertainment 2-27-10
    Michaels On East - Sarasota, Florida
  74. Gregory Wolf Florida Bar Mitzvah Entertainment 1-23-10
    Temple Bet Breira - Miami, Florida
  75. Natalie & Martina Florida B'not Mitzvah Entertainment 1-9-10
    Club M&MPLEX - Hallandale Beach, Florida
  76. Marissa Radensky Florida Bat Mitzvah Entertainment 1-2-10
    The Boca Resort - Boca Raton, Florida
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    2002 - 2009
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  38. Quail Ridge Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Boynton Beach, Florida
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  44. Embassy Suites Bar Mitzvahs Orlando, Florida
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  47. Temple Kol Tikvah Bar Mitzvahs Parkland, Florida
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  66. Renaissance Boca Raton Bar Mitzvahs Boca Raton, Florida
  67. Breakers West Country Club Bar Mitzvahs West Palm Beach, Florida
  68. Jacaranda Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Plantation, Florida
  69. Colonial Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Fort Myers, Florida
  70. Saint Andrews Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Boca Raton, Florida
  71. Inverrary Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Lauderhill, Florida
  72. Woodfield Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Boca Raton, Florida
  73. Temple Beth El Bar Mitzvahs Boca Raton, Florida
  74. La Gorce Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Miami Beach, Florida
  75. Signature Grand Bar Mitzvahs Davie, Florida
  76. Hard Rock Bar Mitzvahs Hollywood, Florida
  77. Michael's On East Bar Mitzvahs Sarasota, Florida
  78. Long Boat Key Club Bar Mitzvahs Sarasota, Florida
  79. Temple Dor Dorim Bar Mitzvahs Weston, Florida
  80. Temple Beth Emet Bar Mitzvahs Cooper City, Florida
  81. Indian Springs Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Boynton Beach, Florida
  82. Boca Dunes Country Club Bar Mitzvahs Boca Raton, Florida
  83. Hilton Hotel Bar Mitzvahs Nationwide
  84. Blue Ridge Camp
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